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In our efforts to assist clients in building engaging, performance-oriented work environments, we have training capabilities that produce outstanding learning experiences for participants. Participant evaluations consistently remark about our professionalism and the “safe” learning environment we create in the classroom. Whether it’s delivering one of our own programs, such as PrimeTime! and PrimeTime! For Sales Professionals, or collaborating with clients to create custom training, in the areas of …

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Customer Service
  • Professional Selling
  • Trainer Development

…we strive to deliver world-class performance. 

Perim Consulting’s achievements in the classroom have likely been influenced by our training approach: we never take on the role of being “experts” on a given topic. We simply engage participants to take responsibility for their own learning and help facilitate their discovery, understanding, reflection and practice of the given topic. Add energy, enthusiasm and a distinct understanding of the client organization’s situation, values and challenges and you complete the recipe for a Perim Consulting training experience.

Session Participant
Session Participant

Additional information on specific training capabilities may be found for:

 Please contact Perim Consulting to have an exploratory discussion on whether our capabilities may be helpful for your organization.