Sales Professionals

The column on the right shows the shift we help sales professionals achieve by learning key influencing skills focused on discussion of tangible business needs; an understanding of the Perim 5-Phases of Influence; appreciation of the role of Emotional Intelligence in selling; and responding to “objections” in a way that facilitates dialogue (not defensiveness). In this context, sales professionals can facilitate discussion and “teach” (share their specialized knowledge) and create an environment where they can also challenge customer perspectives in a productive and collaborative manner–all the while helping to move the customer toward making a decision.



“I’d like to speak with you about Product X…”


“I’d like to speak with you about your business.”

“I can understand that’s a concern for you, but if you look at…”


“And, so for you…..”
(re-state Other’s view/position—then: Silence!  No fixing/resolving yet. Give Other more time and space.)

“Our compelling data shows that…”


“There’s some data with intriguing implications that may impact how you view this. Would it be helpful if I shared it with you?”

“What this means for you is…”


“What might this mean for you?”

“Based on our conversation, will you now….”


“Based on our conversation, what might be a good Next Step?”




“Convincing” said solution works best…


“Advising/educating” throughout the decision-making process

Customer acquiesces to solution


Customer chooses solution–and has “ownership” in it