We help speakers move away from traditional “rules” and staid formulas–and toward their audiences. Once speakers can get connected with their audiences, and create relevance/need for their content–presenting can be a truly fun and rewarding experience.

For more than 12 years, we have served as the sole partner with leading industry association for developing trainers from almost every company within the life sciences industry.  Click to the right to watch a brief video where our Founder, Brian Lange, describes the public 3-day core course–as well as the 2-day Master’s Course–that we deliver in conjunction with L-TEN. (NOTE: To watch full-screen, float your mouse over the running video and click the square in the lower right corner of the video.)

We’ve helped thousands of people make the transition to the right-hand column, below:



Presenter-focused Opening (establishing “credibility,” “expectations,” etc.)


Audience-focused Opening (story, discussion or activity that connects audience to content–and Speaker)

“Here are our ground rules for class: open mind; participate; no cell phones/computers…”


“What can we each do while in class to ensure we have the best learning experience possible?”

“We have to wrap this conversation up because we have a lot to get through…”


“This seems to be a valuable discussion—let’s invest a bit more time…”

“Did you see that the point of this activity was to…”


“What struck you–if anything–about what we just did?”

“I hear what you’re saying, however…”


“And so for you…..” (re-state Other’s view/position—then: Silence! No fixing/resolving yet. Give Other more time and space.)

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