Organizational Development

Aligning people and systems to desired organizational outcomes is essential for high performance. We help customers ASSESS where they are; DEFINE where they want to go; BUILD capabilities (training); and ALIGN management and employees toward company’s values and goals. For more than 15 years, we’ve been helping clients make the right hand column below, a reality.



Assuming level of employee engagement


Quantifying level of employee engagement
(“Company I Can Believe In” Survey)

A bureaucratic exercise in assessing employee performance (performance mgmt system)


A vibrant system that drives desired behaviors by sparking needed conversations on targeted aspects of performance to impact business results

Believing Leaders model any corporate-identified behaviors and values


Verifying Leaders model any corporate-identified behaviors and values
(Reverse Evaluation)

Top-down “change” implementation


Sharing “ownership,” honest dialogue; clarifying roles; lots of listening…preparing for, navigating and realizing organizational change…